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    Unanswered: Query data from 3 tables with similar data

    Hello and thanks in advance for any responses

    I have 3 excel spreadsheets that I have imported into 3 separate tables in a access db.

    1. BESExport
    table contains name, email, phone
    2. BESSupportPagers
    table contains name, email, phone, cost centre
    3. CostCenters
    table contains name, email, phone, cost centre, and a number of other fields

    I am trying to figure out a query to match the names in (1) BESExport to the cost centers in BESSUpportPagers and CostCenters with out having to combine them all into one table.

    I am pretty new to this, so sorry if this is a repetitive question.



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    I'm not sure to understand what you precisely mean when you write "I am trying to figure out a query to match the names..."

    If you're looking for retrieving a list of names that are the same in the three tables, it's fairly easy. Here for the names in BESExport that are present in BESSupportPagers and CostCenters:
                               FROM BESSupportPagers INNER JOIN 
                                    CostCenters ON =
                              ) AS a
    ON =;
    Note: You can select other columns from BESExport as well:
    FROM ...
    If it's not what you're looking for, please elaborate a little more.
    Have a nice day!

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    Thanks for the reply Sinndho,

    Sorry I should have elaborated more on what I was trying to do.

    Each of the 3 files have basically the same columns. Name, Phone, Cost Ctr. Names could be repeated across the 3 files but may or may not contain the cost ctr associated with the name.The BESExport has more columns but they are not needed for this.

    What I am trying to do is to get a compilation of the names with their associated cost center from each file in a single query and display the query results as

    Name Phone Cost Ctr

    With any duplicates removed.

    I hope that is a little bit of a better explanation.

    Thanks again for your response.


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    doubt you can do what you know say you want to do without combining into one table

    you need to tidy up your data.
    you need a mechanism to know which row is a duplicate, anbd which one should be deleted.
    all of which points to having the dat in one table
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    Thats what I thought too.

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