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    Thumbs up Unanswered: Saving PDF's in Access 2010 vs. hyperlinks

    What's better on disk space, saving pdf's in an access table (as OLE) or using hyperlinks. I am working with Access 2010.

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    As a general rule, never store BLObs (Binary Large Objects: pictures, pdf documents, etc. See: Binary large object - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) inside an Access database. Store them in a forder (can be a shared folder in a network) and store the reference (i.e. the path to the file that stores the BLOB) in the database.

    There is an upper limit to the size of an Access database and BLOb files are precisely large which mean this limit can be quickly reached.

    There are other reasons too, but I won't enumerate them here. See also:
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    +1 for storing a path, not the object itself. Also, I just use a text field, not a hyperlink field.

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    There's pro's and con's against both options
    inside the DB its easy to store, but bloats the DB
    outside the db it doesn't bloat, but unless you take other steps using network permissions its easy to overwrite or delete the information (the pointer to the file reamins but the data may have changed or been deleted

    persoanlly I use storing a URL to the resource, and a mix of network permissions that move a fiel to a read only are of the file system.
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    Thank you all for your quick feedaback. I will be using location reference then.

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