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    Unanswered: Fields on a Report

    Maybe a bit stupid to ask sins there are a lot of Trheads but im kinda stuck here....

    I want to know how to set a field on a report to Visible = false

    If got the codes:

    If Me.[txt1] = "" Then
    Me.txt2.Visible = False

    And i have:

    If Nz(Me.txt1,"") = "" Then
    Me.txt2.Visible = False

    But i get on both an error, also when i type Me.txt1.V the autofill will not show Visible.... so is it even possible to hide/show fields on a report?????

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    'Empty' Controls in Access seldom hold Zero-Length Strings (ZLS) which is all that your first code checks for! They are usually Null. Your second example, which checks for Nulls and ZLSs, is the correct code to use for this.

    I'm guessing that the Control names are Access-generated, in which case they would be Text1 and Text2, not txt1 and txt2, as you have in your code. This would account for everything you've reported. They key to the names being wrong is the fact that Intellisense (your 'autofill') didn't offer Visible when you typed in txt2.

    And, yes, you can hide/show Controls on a Report.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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