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    ProductStock to manage stock_status for each product

    Hi, it's my first post

    I'm building ecommerce db. Among others, I have product and stock_status tables. I have to manage different stock status for each product. How about to create another table ProductStock (id, product_id,stock_status_id,min,max) so I can change stock_status (backorder, in stock, out of stock) based on product qty?

    So, if you have qty 120 for product #53 you know that it's 'in stock' from ProductStock table and in this case you can easily automatic manage changing stock_status for each product

    For that, I wouldn't use trigger because I want to manage stock_status from application side and AFAIK I cannot do that using trigger.

    Any hint/suggestion please?

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    Sounds fine to me.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

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