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    Unhappy Unanswered: VSE/Cobol DB2v9.7 Blocked Put/Insert with IblockBL or I

    After outsourcing our mainframe away from our Databank, we have serious performance problems with SQL (mass) Inserts. Am trying to test Insert with Iblock, or alternatively reintroduce (blocked) PUT (was until recently no longer supported). Documentation is very sparse. The programs I want to 'tune' are not straight load sequences, and have (e.g.) selects interspersed between 'Inserts' (or, testing, 'puts'). I can't use the Commit which seems to be demanded after every set of homogenous inserts. Most frequent SQLERROR is -30020.
    Does anyone have experience here, or documentation relevant to Version 9?
    Current State: After calling a Stored Procedure (any, even trivial), a subsequent PUT' (CLOSE thereof) results in a DATA CAPTURE DUMP, SQLCODE -30020. 'Commits' in any position make no difference
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