SQL Architect with Meta Data warehouse
Olympia, WA
Position: SQL Architect with Meta Data warehouse

Work Location: Olympia, WA

Duration : One Year +

Ø Mandatory and Highly Desirable Experience and Qualifications

A minimum of three (3) years’ experience in working with state or local government organizations to develop or maintain internet, web based, financial systems managing contracts, grants, and loans.

A minimum of five (5) years’ experience developing on-line systems using the following technologies:

Microsoft’s SQL Server 2005 and 2008,

SQL Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration services;

.Net and web based programming technologies

WinForms using Click Once deployment technology

Ø Highly Desired Experience and Qualifications:

A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in developing data bases and reporting systems that process contracts within a state government agency.

A minimum of eight (8) years’ experience, within the past 10 years, in the following areas:

Enterprise application integration

Relational Databases

Structured Query Language (SQL)

HTML, XML, including schema definitions and transformations

Firm understanding of data base security concepts and rules

A minimum of 1 years’ experience working with clients to translate LEAN Process improvement deliverables into IT solutions.

Please contact: garrydawkins@hotmail.com