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    Unanswered: Is it best to learn how to create a database using command line...

    rather than using something like phpmyadmin.

    Also do DB admins use phpmyadmin (forgive me if thats a dumb question) or do they use command line, if they dont use command line, what do they use, the ones who use mysql anyway?

    Also does anyone know of any good free online guides that teach mysql using command line?

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    do ~not~ attempt to learn sql by using the command line

    in my experience, this is needlessly difficult

    but don't use a gui like phpmyadmin, either, because then you will fail to learn sql at all

    instead, use something that has an "sql window" where you type (or better yet, paste) your sql statments for execution

    granted, phpmyadmin has an sql window, but when people talk about using phpmyadmin, they are usually referring to its "checkbox" interface where you click on options for the tables/columns you're defining, query you're building, etc.

    it is much, much better to learn true sql than using a gui to generate sql

    my favourite tool is heidisql, but there are others equally as good | @rudydotca
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    Thats the kind of answer i was hoping for, thank you.

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