Hello All and thanks for any help you can provide

I have a form that has a MVF in it, originally I had the MVF set as text in the table, but had to convert it to a number field to make it web compatible.
Before I converted to a number field I've been able to only show the selected Comments within the MVF for the current record.
I still can do that (see picture link) but I can't for the life of me figure out how to not only show the CommentID but also the
actual Comment next to it.

The goal is to have the top List box only show the selected for the current record with the "comment name", and have the bottom list box for adding or deleting any comments. The reason for this is so the user has a simple view of the comments related to the current record, and not have to scroll through the long list on the bottom.

Any help you can provide with this would be great. Thank You.