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    Unanswered: Checking for Duplicate Records

    Having issues thinking the logic over this.

    TableA: Personnel (Primary Key) PIdNum
    TableB: Classes (Primary Key) ID, (Foreign Key) PIdNum, (class attened) InstClass
    - One to many Relationship (1 person may have many classes)

    - I dont want Person A to have the same class entered any more than 1 time!

    How can I check the table to see if a new record (dancing class) has already been entered for Person A. Cannot make InstClass a Primary key.

    - Check with DAO?

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    so make the pk a composite of class and person...

    what you probably need is an intersection table
    what you have at present isn't normalised
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    ditch the id column, you only need an id column when there is no obvious other candidate key (there is) or where the obvious candidate key woudl be tortuously complex or prone to changes (it isn't).
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    You can also add a Unique index on the column PIdNum.
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