I am attempting to setup a brand new database and could use a little help. I am quite inexeperienced with all but SQL and am looking for suggestions for both DBMSs’ and actual database structures. The goal is the following:

The firm I am employed at deals with educational counseling, specifically college advocacy and helping prospective students apply to universities. My hope is to create a main sheet/data repository of all schools that we use, which should list/detail due dates for entry, essay requirements, whether they use a common or institution specific application and other information specific to that college. My hope is on one of two things being able to occur:

1. Each time a new student is taken in, to create a separate entry/database and be able to simply plug in their school names and have the rest of the information pulled from the initial main database, so that research need not be done each time a duplicate school is added by another student. This information would also then be compiled into a secondary database that would list all students alphabetically as well as their schools, deadlines and other pertinent information, just to have it stored together as opposed to separate data entries.

2. Skip student entries altogether and jump to a secondary database that lists all students and schools, eliminating the need for individual entry. The data would skip and pull directly from the main school database.

First I would like ideas on how to implement something similar to this, as I have no idea really. Any tips?