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    Unanswered: crosstab query

    Create a Crosstab query based on the tblContract table.
    a) Use the LessonType field values for the row headings.
    b) Use the LessonLength field values for the column headings.
    c) Use the Count of the ContractID field values as the summarized value, and include row sums.
    d) Save the query as qryLessonTypeCrosstab.
    e) Change the column heading for the row sum column (the last field in query design grid) to Total Number of Lessons.
    f) Change the column headings for the LessonLength column so that the column showing the count of 30-minute lessons (e.g., a LessonLength value equal to 30) has the heading Number of 30-Minute Lessons. The other column should have the heading Number of 60-Minute Lessons

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    1. What's the question and which kind of problem are you facing in your query?
    2. If you want some help, you'll need to supply detailed information on the table (or tables) that are involved: Name, Columns Names and Data Type. A sample data would help too (it can be in text).
    Have a nice day!

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