I have an Access 2010 database (with ODBC connections) which works perfectly on XP machines but only works intermittently on the Windows 7 platform. What could be wrong?

When it works, a report opens (preceeded by about two dozen queries calling some large ODBC tables/files). This happens about 25% of the time on the Windows 7 machines and 100% of the time on the old XPs.

When it doesn't work I end up with the "Cannot open database ''..."file may be corrupt" error; Compact and Repair fixes that. (I've also tried using fresh copies.) I've set up tracking to identify where it fails in the process...hoping to find a query that doesn't like to run...but there is no consistent fail point.

When I've manually run the queries, I haven't gotten the "corrupt" error but I've occasionally gotten an empty set...rerunning the same query gave actual results so I'm guessing this is where it would have failed during the automated process. Manually running all of these queries to produce a report is not an option for my end-users.

I've tried setting up both 32 and 64-bit ODBC connections with the same names...that didn't help. I'm thinking that it must be a communication problem of some type...does Windows 7 use different network communication protocols than XP or something? Am I overlooking timeout settings somewhere? I'm stymied.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. TIA,