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    Question Unanswered: Auto Populate a Field as Currency

    Is there any way to use an auto populating field to conform to the format as the referred column?

    For instance I have an SQL query in Access as the row source with three columns: Description, MPN and UnitPrice
    When I select the description combo box on the form which has the following AfterUpdate code:

    Me.[MPN] = Me.Description.Column(1)
    Me.[UnitPrice] = Me.Description.Column(2)

    The value is copied, however it looses its Currency format and is copied as plain text.

    So for example, the value is $197.00 in the referenced SQL query, but it gets copied into the new field as 197

    Can anyone explain what I am doing wrong, or what I need to do in order to copy the formatting as well?


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    Figured out what I did wrong, always have to make sure the table is set to currency not text *palm to face*

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