Hello all,

I appreciate your time in looking at my post.
As its my first post with your forum and its very helpful.

To my question:
im wanting to create a database that is based around real estate (i have all the relevant data).

What im wanting to do is store all properties in 4 Sections:
1. Rentals
2. Sales
3 Commercial Rentals
4 Commercial Sales

with this each property has past years sales figures and rent figures up to 5 years.
with this information i want to be able to report on.
1. average sale or rent price for that area (suburb)
2. over the last 5 years increases in rent & sales
3. forecast the next 5 years using the relevant previous 5 years data.

now i'm really really sorry i dont know where to begin nor which software to use to create this. i have basic understanding of DB and ERD ect... whilst i would like to lean towards this being web based so a user logs in to a website and is able to look a specific data & figures depending on their account. whilst being able to add more properties ect to the database.

i know im asking a lot but any help would be greatly appreciated.
this is a small project i thought of and want to take on.

once again many thanks and kind regards

Matt from Australia