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    Unanswered: Is it normal for a database to only work properly when restarted?

    I am making a pretty simple relational database with access and have found that many of the causes of my problems is that I am not closing down access and then re-opening the file after making certain changes.

    For example, I just changed the fields of a form from Client Title, Forename and Surname into a field related to a query called Client Name which just combines all of the above into a single field.

    When I first viewed this in the form all it was showing was "#NAME?"
    I couldn't understand why. However because I have noticed this restart issue before with other changes I have made, I restarted the DB and all worked perfectly. Am I meant to be doing this or is there something wrong with my installation?

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    No it's not. I'm an application developer and I spend a lot of time working with Access (say 30-40 hours/week). I almost never encountered a situation when I had to close and reopen Access during a development process, except in a few cases when the database under development went corrupt (this is a very good reason for creating backups often).
    I do it from time to time to restart Access and open the database with the /DECOMPILE option, but that's another matter.

    Of course, if you modify a query that's used as the RecordSource of a form (or a report), you'll possibly need to adapt this form (or report) accordingly and you'll also need to close and reopen the fors/report involved in the changes (or switch from Form/Report View to Design View and back).
    Have a nice day!

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