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    Unanswered: Main Form Only Shows One Record When Subform is Added

    Access 2007 FE
    Sharepoint 2010 BE

    I have a main form in single form view that shows 1 of 675 records when opened. Now if I add a subform that shows records related to a combobox on the main form, the main form on shows 1 of 1 record.

    If I change the default view of the main form to datasheet form view and add the subform again, the main form shows 1 of 675 records. Then I can change to single form view and it shows 1 of 675 records. What am I doing wrong?

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    When this happens, what occurs when you click on the 'Next Record' button on the Main Form? Access doesn't always load all appropriate Records on opening, and depending on the number of Records in the Subform's source, it may simply be taking the Access Gnomes a while longer to load all of the Main Form Records with the Subform than it does without the Subform.

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    I thought that might be it but next record takes you to adding a new record. Also a single form view main form with datasheet view subform shows all records.

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    Have you checked the form isn't opening filtered?


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    What is the data source for the main form? What is the data source for the subform? How are the two linked together?
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