I was wondering if anyone could help me with a problem I have been having with my database. My database has 1 main form with two pages within it. I have a combo box on the first page that when selected is supposed to populate or filter text boxes and combo boxes in the second page.

The combo box on the first page is named "HmPgCmboWO".

For one of the text boxes on the second page, I need to have the value in the "HmPgCmboWO" be populated once I click a command button to switch pages (this I was able to do using a OnClick event and a Refresh event).

However, the other text box (which is a field that has a unique value to the value in the "HmPgCmboWO" will not populate with whatever I try. I have tried writing "SELECT tablename.bu FROM tablename WHERE tablename.wo = HmPgCmboWO.Value" in the Control source which didnt work, then tried to put it in the Default value but that didnt work either.

I have a similar situation with another combo box on the second page. The combo box should have a list of values that are filtered based on the value of "HmPgCmboWO" that is entered on the first page. However, when I write a sql statement similar to the one above in the Row Source, a msg box comes up asking me for a parameter value. I understand that it needs to know what value to filter based on, but I want to avoid having the msg box come up and the sql code just pull from the value already entered in on the first page.

Any ideas? Any further clarification? I am pretty new to this and only started using VBA code last week so I any help would be greatly appreciated!