If you've enjoyed working with Review Assistant 1.0, the 1.1 version of the code review tool will deliver an even more comfortable and intuitive code inspection process. Devart developers have been diligently going through all the customers' recommendations, and many improvements in the new version were inspired by comments received via Uservoice.
In the new version, the following improvements were implemented:
  • Pre-commit review for TFS repositories
  • Git VCS support
  • Formal/simple review workflow option for projects
  • The "Collapse all" button added to the Code Review Board toolbar
  • Enhanced code snap of comments
  • Decrease in TFS repository response time
  • Displaying of comment author's initials
  • Indication of reviewers' work completion

For those who are still deciding, the Free version of the code review tool is available, which will provide the same functionality, only limited to 1 project with a maximum of 3 participants.