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    Unanswered: Populate subform with retrieved data from a basic table

    Good day !

    Please kindly look at the attached database and word document that contains my gentle request. I'm not an expert on VBA so I'd like to ask senior help.

    Goal : After entering Port Of Loading and Port Of Discharge on main form , I want to click label “POPULATE” and it runs an event that will look up FCA table for records meeting criteria :

    Port Of Loading (main form) = POL (on FCA table) AND Port Of Discharge (main form) = POD (on FCA table). Sub form would then be populated with all records on FAC meeting criteria and table Quot1_OceanFreight would save these records.

    Please use POL = PTLEI and POD = GBFXT once it contains more than one record on FCA table.

    The solution to this would just make my day !!!!
    Many thanks.

    Paulo Jorge
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