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    Unanswered: Tablespace data Movement

    Please suggest how to proceed for following issue.

    We have a 4K table space and its size reached upto 58GB. Now we want to move few tables in a new 8K table space. Tables which we wants to move in new tables are heavily updated or inserted. And client does not want to give any downtime for this task.

    One possible solution is to create a new 8 K tablespace and create a new tables similar of 4K into it. Select data from 4K tablespace and insert into 8K tablespace. Once it is done then we can rename the tables accordingly. But the issue in this approach is, all these tables are heavily upadated or inserted. Now how to make all data in sync with 4K and 8K tablespace if we follow this approach.

    Please suggest if we any better approach
    We are using db2 V9.7.

    Naval K

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