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    Unanswered: How do I create an hourly schedule to show who is doing what, & their start/end time?

    Hello all. Been using these forums a lot to answer questions, but just haven't found an answer to a predicament I'm in.

    I've created an access database for an ambulance company I work for to help save on monthly costs using some 3rd party program, which tracks everything that we're doing for transporting. We handle both Emergency, non-emergency, and basic transports, so our dispatchers are needing a visual of seeing what our fleet is doing by individual truck.

    I found something similar I'm looking for in another post on this forum, and added the specific picture as an attachment in this post. I've tried scouring the internet, and best I can find is monthly scheduling.

    In my Table that handles this information, I have a "truck assigned" field, a "Pick-up time" field, & a "drop-off time" field. I posted just the basic tables to this, with sample data.

    I do understand this may require exporting to excel to achieve, and that'd be fine. I just would love any assistance into this.

    This is being designed and run in Access 2010
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    I apologize for the double post, but I wished to add information to this in case this post was being overlooked. I'm not simply just looking for someone to just hand me code for this. I'm looking for directions on how to achieve this, like reading material.

    Sadly, my VBA knowledge is very limited, but I'm picking up on how to do different things in Access, but I know this is going way beyond what little knowledge I have. I'm willing to learn if someone can give me a reading list or anything.

    I have the databases themselves laid out how I want them, and I have the forms built to handle actually dispatching. I'm just hitting a brick wall trying to research how to achieve what I wish to do.

    All I'm trying to figure out is how to create a graphic of all the hours in a day, and show when a truck is being used. Like say I have a trip from 1100 to 1300; I would want the graphic to show a bar from 1100 to 1300, and say the bar is a unique color for only that truck. Or even better, a colored bar with a tripID as text inside. This graphic would also have to allow other bars next to it, like if I had a 2nd truck doing a trip from 1030 to 1200, so they don't overlap.

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