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    menu planner application

    My first database ever so I kind of need some help

    Before I will ask questions let me try to explain about the application and the database flow.

    The application will be a menu planner where you will start with a weekly calendar (planner), you can add dishes manually to the days, or you can push the recommendation button and a recommendation of previous made dish, healthy dish, and your favorite categories/cuisine will be given and you can select from them. There are two dish sections, one (dish) that has pre insert dish(recipes) and one (mydish) that where you can add your own dish and bookmark dish from the pre insert dish.

    People have to log into their account and create a member profile. From the dish section they choose the dish that they can make and those will be saved in the my_dish section.

    Some questions 1. Is the current database alright or am I missing stuff? 2. dates. I want users to be able to check the history (and also for the recommendation function) of their made dishes (the one that they added into the weekly calendar planner). Where should I add that information. should I make an extra table for that? Not really sure how to do this.

    I might come up with more questions, but am looking forward to seeing your thoughts and ideas.
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    You haven't enforced any relationships in your diagram, so its difficult to make out how all the tables fit together.
    I can tell you that for a first database project, anything involving calendaring is going to be a real challenge.
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