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    Unanswered: Used space increasing during reorg


    I am on DB29.7, fp6 using AIX 6.1, non dpf environment.
    History data has been loaded in a new database. The largest table is 800GB in size and is partitioned at table level. I am running a reorg on this table and all indexes from last 10 hours using resetdictionary. This has increased the used space from 72% before reorg to 97% till now. In db2diag, I see that 102
    Resetdictionary was tried because the data was not getting compressed though the Row compression was on. Probably the compression dictionary didn't built during data LOAD operation.

    I am worried that I will run out of space soon. Please advise on what is causing the usedspace to increase. Is it going to decrease once the operation is over? Is there any way to avoid the increase in usedspace?

    Current situation is, out of 141 partitions, 102 are done. Total 11 indexes on
    Commands used:
    Reorg table <tableName> resetdictionary;
    Reorg indexes all for table <tableName>;


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    if you dont specific a temporary tablespace when reorging the table, db2 will use the tablespace which the old table locates in to build the new table , That will increase the tablespace used space.
    and if table is too large, you can reorg it once a data partition using “on data partition clause"。

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    Quote Originally Posted by praveen.db2 View Post
    Commands used:
    Reorg table <tableName> resetdictionary;
    Reorg indexes all for table <tableName>;
    The 2nd line is not required because you are already reorg-ing the table offline. This will take care of the indexes as well.
    And yes, LOAD compresses as well. During load you should see a message in db2diag that compression in starting. Did you verify that compression is set for that table by examing your db2look output?
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