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    Unanswered: Database can't be accessed after restore

    The redirect restore success. But can't connect to it and get the following error:

    $ db2 connect to dwmm
    SQL0332N Character conversion from the source code page "1386" to the target
    code page "819" is not supported. SQLSTATE=57017

    I can check the db cfg:

    Database territory = CN
    Database code page = 1386
    Database code set = GBK
    Database country/region code = 86
    Database collating sequence = UNIQUE

    So I set the codepage:
    db2set DB2CODEPAGE=1386

    Then I can connect to the database.
    $ db2 connect to dwmm

    Database Connection Information

    Database server = DB2/AIX64 9.7.6
    SQL authorization ID = DB2IST01
    Local database alias = DWMM

    But I can't do anything against the db:
    $ db2 "list tables"
    SQL0805N Package "NULLID.SQLC2H23 0X4141414141424263" was not found.
    $ db2 "get db cfg for dwmm"
    SQL4707N The workload named "SYSDEFAULTUSERWORKLOAD" cannot service the
    request because the workload is not allowed to access the database.

    Any comment will be appreciated.

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    I tried:
    and restore again, but still doesn't work

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    I opened a new connection, db2set DB2_RESTORE_GRANT_ADMIN_AUTHORITIES=ON, restore. It finally works.

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    nullid packages are missing (level change ?)
    you should bind db2ubind.lst and db2cli.lst and/or execute db2updv97
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