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    Unanswered: Conditional Boolean on a form

    I have a form I created based off of a few tables. The form is basically an IT check list stating whether or not the work was done. On the form there are different groups of employees such as manager and office staff that require different items be set up. For example Managers get program B while office staff get program A. I'd like to set a check box/boolean field that if Manager is check then the programs a manager needs must be checked. Do I need to create the groups on a table with a yes and set up a validation rule there? Or can I pop a check box on my form and set up a validation rule that way?

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    assign the members of staff to Access workgroups
    then use that workgroup to select which form to display
    they dont' knwo that there are other forms out there all they see is the form they are entitled to see
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