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    Question Unanswered: Complex Query & Report?

    I am new to this whole DB thing. I've created a housing wait list. I've created separate queries and reports so that when I'm on the main form fill I can easily look up a name to get to that applicants record, then click on the button (for instance) that says Juniper Apts 1 Brm, then do a Ctrl+F to find that person's name and their # on the wait list of those seeking a 1 Brm apt at Juniper.

    What I'd LIKE to have is a button I can press so that the report that comes up shows me on one page that applicant's place on every wait list they're on, whether it be the Juniper Apartments or another complex, whether it be for a 1 Brm unit or a 2 (or both) that it might look something like this:

    Joe Cool
    Arcata Gardens
    1 BR = 242
    2 BR = 121
    Juniper Apartments
    1 BR = 237
    2 BR = 173


    Can anyone help?

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    If you posted the actual structure of the table it would be helpful.

    It's a basic query SELECTing the various fields you're looking for, based on (WHERE) the applicant's name (= "Joe Cool"). All you need to do, really, is to create the query right in the report wizard, and let the wizard take care of the SQL. You just then format the report (to screen, of course) the way you like it.

    Once you have the report working your way, just make a command button on the form to run the report. You can use the wizard for that too.

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