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    Advice on Computer Inventory DB Design

    I'm attempting to design a relatively simple database that will keep track of an inventory consiting primarily of computers, but will also keeps records of cellphones. I'd like the design to be flexible enough to add additional devices in the future as well.

    I'm hoping someone here would be willing to give me some input on my design. I attached an image of my relationship diagram.

    I know there are a lot more variables I could include for RAM, processor, videocard, etc... but the database isn't required to be that complicated. Any of the networked machines are going to have that information readily available through an application called Desktop Central. However, we'd like to have a database to keep track of all the equipment including offline machines, maintaining a basic profile of the device.

    I feel like there's a better place to put information unique to phones (IMEI_Number, ICCID, PhoneNumber) other than DevicePrimary, but I'm not sure how to have that in the DB to distinguish between comps and phones. Maybe a join table between devicePrimary and deviceType?

    I'm also not so sure about my DevicePrimary_OS and DeviceOperatingSystem table. The idea is to have the linking table so that a specific device can be linked to an operating system, giving a table to store the Operating System serial number and CD key.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. If there's anything major I'm missing, or if I'm making some huge n00b mistake, it would be great if someone ripped me a new one.

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    No one has any advice?

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