I have a form with a drop down field. The drop down field shows the programs a client has participated in AND the choices to put a new client in. Some programs are old and no longer in service, so they don't show up in the drop down field (I don't want them to be selected). BUT, for a client that's been served in the old program, the program title doesn't show up. (I know it's still in the table, but it doesn't show up in the drop down field because it's not an "active" choice).

Is there a way I can have the "inactive" programs viewed in the drop down without having them be able to be selected? I can set up a just a text box field that displays the information, but I was hoping to avoid doing that.

And I'm familiar with Access, but can't do any fancy scripting or anything. So any option that requires that wouldn't work. I'd probably just stick with the text box option.