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    Unanswered: First post & not sure where to start?!

    I work at an investment firm in Boston. I have a question concerning condtional formatting in excel. Can someone please point me in the correct forum to post my question thanks!

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    Now, what's your question?

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    I am building a small model for my team and would like to add flags for when an analyst makes a change in his/her reccomendation.
    The simple keys is as follows: 1 is a buy, 2 is hold and 3 is sell. I need a way for conditional formatting to pick up changes in the cell values from the analyst.

    For example, if he/she changes the cell value from a 1 buy--> to 2 hold to result in a down arror. The same goes from a 2 hold to a 3 sell also result in a down arror and the same goes when increasing a reccomendation ie 3 to 2 up arrow and 2 to 1 up arrow. I know how to format the cell if they are static, absolute numbers (if A1> 1 then return down arrow, if A1>2 return down arrow ect) but I cant figure out to either a) to write an elaborate if and statement or b) to use conditional formatting..?!

    Thanks in advance

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    You would need to hold the previous recommendation as well, otherwise the sheet will have no basis for comparison. You would also need a method to automatically amend the value of the previous value when the target cell was updated - offhand, I can't think of a means of doing this in Excel, but that's because I've always used Access (or another database) when setting up audit requirements.
    Once you've got that sorted, you can write a simple IF statement to compare the two values and return something like "i" for the down arrow and "h" for the up arrow. Format this cell to use font Wingdings 3.
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