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    Unanswered: Navigating between two seperate subforms

    Hello all

    I have a main form with a tab control with three pages. On the first page I have three subforms each one has table linked to the main form. What I am trying to do is update one field in this table which I have the tab stop set to this field only. When I tab down the table on this field updating as I go till I reach the end of the table and I now want to move to the subform and start the same process on the next form. I can do this by using the Ctrl+Tab key but want to do ths with just the Tab key. Any help would be great thanks Bob

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    Maybe this will help.Substitute the name of your page instead.

    Select Case Me.tabExample.Value ' change tabExample to name of your page
    Case 0
    ' Do something for the first tab
    Case 1
    ' Do something for the second tab
    End Select

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