I have a sheet which Contains Following Column
A. Instrument Name
B. Date
C. Time
D. Value

I have to find Open Value for i.e. first value for that instrument & Close Value by choosing which latest Value.

Could you please help me.

Sample File

Inst. Name Date Time Value
A 1-Aug-12 12:00:00 AM 10
B 2-Aug-12 1:00:00 AM 20
A 3-Aug-12 2:00:00 AM 25
A 4-Aug-12 3:00:00 AM 30
B 3-Aug-12 3:30:00 AM 30

I can get answer in Excel by code
Open {=INDEX(Value_Range,MATCH(MIN(IF(Instru_Name="A",D ateRange,"")),DateRange,0))}

{=INDEX(Value_Range,MATCH(MAX(IF(Instru_Name="A",D ateRange,"")),DateRange,0))}

But this works really slow, is there any alternative code or access function Possible