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    Unanswered: Number of Records alert when form is opened...

    I have created a search form based on a query in my database. (A search form, and when you click "search" it opens a results form with a query as the values behind the text boxes...) finally got it to work right, but it brought up another question:

    is it possible for me to set an alert message that pops-up saying something to the effect of either "No Results Found" (if the query returned no results) or "Your Search Returned [X number] Results"? As I am working through the search form, i would like to know if there were more than one result found (without looking at the bottom of the form to see the little numbers there)...

    Im sure it's simple, but after 4 days of going cross-eyed at getting the search forms to work in the first place, my brain is fried! Thanks in advance for the help!

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    You can use DCount() on the query to get the number of records returned, and put up an appropriate message box.

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