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Thread: Downgrading Db2

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    Unanswered: Downgrading Db2

    Recently we planned a test up gradation of our test environment to see if migrating to db2 9.7 from db2 9.5 wouldn't effect our production.

    Short story short.. it worked out fine but due to some reasons we scrapped the upgrade of production.

    Now I need to downgrade my db2 9.7 to 9.5 back again on the test.

    We never uninstalled the 9.5 installation and just did the 9.7 installation in the separate directory.

    So to downgrade these are the steps I plan on following. Just wanted your opinion if I am missing anything.

    1- Drop Database
    2-Stop DAS
    3- Delete DAS ( I think the dasupdt won't work for going from 9.7 to 9.5 or will it ?)
    4- drop the instance. ( I think the db2iupdt won't work for going from 9.7 to 9.5 or will it ?)
    5-Use db2_deinstall to uninstall the 9.7 installation
    6- Create a new instance using the db2 9.5 installation
    7-Create new DAS using 9.5 installation.
    8- Start the instance
    9-Restore DB from 9.5 instance on production..

    So anything I am missing guys ?

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    You don't need to uninstall v9.7 code. Basically, drop v9.7 db (backup if you need it), drop v9.7 instance, recreate the instance as v9.5 and restore db from v9.5 image.

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