Hi all,

Brand new to the forum and first post!

I have not done any database stuff for years after moving going into mechanical engineering after a computer science diploma ~15 years ago...

I am the engineer responsible for cranes and lifting equipment at a site and would like to develop a database to keep track of notes, compliance issues, electrical supplies etc.

I wish to start with the cranes, beams, trolleys etc. There are approx 20 fully blown cranes, and approx 500 runway beams.

Each beam can carry a trolley or a trolley and hoist. Some hoists are attached to more than one beam.

Each beam, hoist, trolley, crane is identified by a unique alpha-numeric code.

Mainly posting to say hello, and on the off chance someone may know of something to get me started. Currently the data is stores in the companies asset management system, which does not suit my needs very well... I can get the data into a spreadsheet, which is where the stuff regarding beams, trolleys etc is currently held.

Many thanks for any help...