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    Unanswered: Get counts and list them

    I have tables symbols and rpm.
    rpm exports symbols and consumes as well.
    symbol table is a collection of all symbols(exported and imported).
    symbols table have id, name, rpm_id (maps to id of rpm table) , flag to show whether it is exported or imported.
    rpm table is having id, name.
    I want to list exported symbols by a rpm(given its id; say 35) and for each symbol I want to get the count specifying number of times it is consumed.

    flag = 1; consumed
    flag = 0;exported

    output layout:
    rpm_name | symbol_name | count(number of time this symbol is consumed overall)

    please suggest some way to get the result:

    Note: a symbol, which is exported by a rpm, can be used by multiple times by other rpms.
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    Suggest you show some "inpput" and the output you want when this code is run.

    Your sample data needs to include data the meets all of your various criteria.

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