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    Question Unanswered: Is Access suitable for simple inventory control?


    I am a student working in a team who has been tasked with coming up with the most cost efficient inventory management system for a small non-profit organization. My question is whether it would be feasible to use an Access database for this business as well as if this is the cheapest solution. The business is a non-profit organization who accepts donations of all sorts which are then sold to lower income customers (very similar to a Goodwill).

    They would like to be able to :
    - know what they have on hand at all times
    - Record where an item was placed
    - Date item was donated, and when it was placed on sales floor
    - Possibly record some information about items such as color, condition, etc
    - Perhaps generate a barcode or at least a unique item number
    - Record information about donors as well as customers for CRM purposes
    - Possibly record how much an item sold for for future reference
    - Print reciepts for donors and customers

    Additionally, is it possible to setup a barcode scanner with Access for the purpose of adding an item as well as removing an item?

    I will not actually be the one who creates the database so I really just need to know whether or not it is feasible. Also, if anyone knows of a better solution I am open to suggestions!

    Thank you

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    Access would certainly be a viable solution. Many people have written inventory apps in it, including me. Whether or not it's the cheapest, I can't say, as I'm not too familiar with other options. I don't know if Quickbooks has an inventory module, but if it does it may do most of what you want out of the box.

    It isn't hard to incorporate a barcode scanner.

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    I would love to see some shared db's from this forum myself. I have a Inventory db that I abandoned for a long time and will start up again shortly. I foresee the same problem I am having with my Purchase Order db and that is with adding multiple items at a time.

    Maybe if I click my heels 3 times, no wait, this isn't Kansas is it?

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