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    Unanswered: How do I automate the creation of a report?

    I am trying to have a database which will create invoices.

    I have made all of the actual database data now and am working on outputs.
    I am new to databases so don't understand much.

    How can I automate the creation of the reports I have in the attached DB?
    The one I created I entered the booking_ID into the query the reports are based on, how can I do this for every booking automatically (even when new ones are added)?

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    consider placing a flag on the invoice main record that identifies the invoice is to be printed
    run your invoicing report pulling those invoices requiring printing
    at the end of the report reset the flag. the one problem with this design is that there is a risk that someone may request an invoice after the report has startede but Before its completed. you can get round that by, say, running the invoice print when you know there is no one else in the DB
    you could lock the table so updates and additions cannot be permitted.
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    I'm sorry, I don't know how to do any of that

    I'm very new to databases. Will that automatically create invoices (reports) for each new booking entered?

    This isn't actually going to be used in real life by a business or anybody else so I am not particularly worried about small bugs etc... I just need to it work to be honest.

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