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    Could you please provide me any stuff to learn SQL from the begining


    I am Sony, Just joined the forum.

    Could you please provide me any material or pdf or documents to learn ANSI SQL from the basics.

    I have learned Teradata but lacking knowledge on SQL and PL SQL.

    Thank you!

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    Suggest you invest in a beginners book.

    One of the main support people here actually has such a book for sale.

    Look for posts from R937 and the links are in the signature.

    I bought my copy from Amazon.
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    ta very much, papadi

    here ya go, sonii ...

    please note, there is no link on my web site to purchase (sigh... long story)

    go to amazon or ebay, used copies are dead cheap nowadays | @rudydotca
    Buy my SitePoint book: Simply SQL

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