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    Unanswered: Split database & slow access

    I run a home business, and have split my database into back and front end, so I can access it from both my laptop and desktop pc.

    I have tried storing the be on both a home network and a network NAS drive, but the performance is very slow - especially when using the laptop.

    Repair and compact fe, and be has had no result.

    1. Has anybody else had this problem, and can offer a solution

    2. Are their advantages to converting the database (~5MB) to MySQL, storing it on my hosting service (I can only use MySQL databases there, not Access) and having a fe on the home pcs? Being unfamiliar with this method, does it limit my ability to write and run my own queries?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Splitting a database sometimes slows things down. When that happens, there are simple things that you can do to improve performance to a linked backend:

    Keep record navigation to a minimum. Moving from record to record against data in a linked table can slow things down.
    A browsing form retrieves data across your network connection and consequently, can be slow. When entering data, set the form’s Data Entry property to Yes.
    Use queries to limit the data retrieved in order to reduce the amount of data Access retrieves from the linked table(s). Limit both fields and records.
    Create local tables for static data, such as state abbreviations, ZIP codes, and so on.

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