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    Unanswered: bind log files after db2 upgrade

    During first connect following fixpack upgrade, db2 performs auto-bind of some db utilities. It creates several log files in the diagpath, example:

    DB2 Fix Pack Update log file finished at: Sun Oct 28 04:15:46 2012 GMT

    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2iadm1 228 Oct 28 04:16 db2schema_bnd.log
    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2iadm1 225 Oct 28 04:16 db2cli_lst.log
    -rw-r--r-- 1 db2fenc1 db2iadm1 553 Oct 28 04:16 db2ubind_lst.log

    They're owned by the fenced id. I think the reason they're owned by the fenced id is because db2 is using admin_cmd to do the bind which runs under the fenced id. What I don't understand is why the group is set to instance owner's primary group.

    $ id db2fenc1
    uid=109(db2fenc1) gid=208(db2fadm1)...

    $ id db2inst1
    uid=108(db2inst1) gid=207(db2iadm1)...

    If I use admin_cmd to export a table, the ouput file is owned by db2fenc1:db2fadm1:

    db2 "call sysproc.admin_cmd('export to /tmp/test.del of del select * from test')"

    > ls -l /tmp/test.del
    -rw-r----- 1 db2fenc1 db2fadm1 4 Nov 8 11:44 /tmp/test.del

    Does anyone know?

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    I now understand why the files are owned by db2fenc1:db2iadm1. It has to do with SGID set on db2dump dir:

    drwxrwsrwt 4 db2inst1 db2iadm1 4096 Nov 9 11:44 db2dump

    I tested touching a file using db2fenc1 and root and the group is always set to db2iadm1.

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