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    Unanswered: Prune the db2diag.log file


    In my company we use TSM (backup tool) that uses DB2 as its database. At this
    time the DB2 log file is too large and need to reduce or prune it as soon as
    possible. My problem is that I've lost the user/password of the DB2 instance.

    I wonder if I can run the command (db2log -A) anyway, I meant run the
    command using administrator privileges.

    Do I really need the DB2 instance user/password in order to run this command?

    I need to know, How to reset the DB2 instance user/password?

    Thanks in advance

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    You'll need "root" access.
    As root: "su - db2inst1-or-whatever-your-intanceowner-is-called" and you're in. Then run the db2diag -A command and change the password (passwd).
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    Any way db2diag.log is just a file. See if you can zip or rename or create a new
    .log file by using OS level commands etc.

    Naval K

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