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    Unanswered: Excel to Access help needed

    I am new to the idea of transferring data from Excel into a Master data base. I have multiple CSV files that need to be combined into one data base. My questions are with the process and the coding. The CSV files that generate from our tester give about 30 parameters tested. We only want to pull about 10 of these out and put into a database file. How do I go about doing this from Excel to Access? If I need to write a Macro or use Visual Basic I am lost. Please help.

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    from excel to tables in access (if this is going to be an ongoing process- every day or week, etc.)

    Record a macro that selects your data based on the drop down list at the top of a column with your parameters -, export the data or copy the data and paste into access table(s)
    stop recording the macro when all data is placed into the table(s). then save the macro - run it when needed

    that is all IO can tell you now - with out very much information and limited knowledge of the data and rocesses.
    Dale Houston, TX

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