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    Unanswered: DataStudio Visual-Explain - hyphenated username

    Using DataStudio v3.1.1 (32-bit) on Windows x64,
    connecting to DB2 v9.7.5 on Linux x64.

    Anyone know a way to persuade DataStudio to always quote the authid (account name) when performing 'set schema' during initialisation of Visual-Explain?
    or can this be done at jdbc driver property level somehow?
    or to persuade DataStudio not to do the 'set schema' unconditionally?

    It makes no difference if I explicitly quote the account name for the CURRENT SCHEMA special register in the Visual-Explain settings page, it always tries to 'set schema' to the currently authenticated username *first*, according to the trace (which always fails due to my account name containing a hyphen, but it would work correctly if DataStudio quoted the account name).

    Unfortunately, DataStudio fails to quote the username when initialising for Visual-Explain,
    which means that when the username contains a hyphen, DB2 throws SQL0104.

    Any workarounds ? Other jdbc applications such as DB-Visualiser happily quote the account name when performing the 'set schema'.

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    Problem solved. The error message from Data-Studio was misleading.
    But tracing Visual-Explain showed a bind failure (without stating what was failing to bind).
    Binding db2explainrtns.bnd at the server solved the issue.

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