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    Unanswered: TNS Listener does not know of service...


    I recently installed Oracle 10g on my Windows XP laptop. The thing is, whenever the laptop is restarted and I try to connect to the db through Toad, it says:

    ORA-12514: TNS Listener does not currently know of the service requested in the connect descriptor.
    I then have to re-configure the listener and then it works.

    NOTE: Upon checking services, I can see that the listener service is 'Started' and startup type is 'Automatic'.

    Any ideas?


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    >I then have to re-configure the listener and then it works.
    what ever you do manually to fix the problem should be added to the DB startup script
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    Basically, when I restart the windows xp machine, the listener doesn't start automatically. When I go into services.msc, the listener service shows as stopping. Upon refreshing services, it shows stopped. I can restart the service from services.msc and then reconfigure the db service in Local Net Service Name configuration in the Net Confguration Assitant, I am then able to connect to the db.

    Don't know why it's not starting up automatically even though the startup type is automatic.

    DB startup script in windows?


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