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    Unanswered: Help building a day by day status sql query in Access 2007


    I have a database which contains information about a vehicle fleet. It has a table [Vehicle_Status_Table] which has fields [Vehicle_Reg], [Vehicle_Status] and [Date_Status_Started]. The status contains information such as damaged, maintenance, wreck etc.

    This table is updated whenever the status of a vehicle changes and so only shows the date the status starts (ie it doesnt record the status of every vehicle every single day)

    I am trying to obtain output which would show for each day of a calendar month the total count of vehicles in each status. I can create a query to get the status of each vehicle on a specific day, but am not sure how to do this into a pivot table type output showing the results for each calendar day.

    As an example of what I am trying to achieve, if the table has this information:

    Vehicle_Reg Vehicle_Status Date_Status_Started
    A On Road 01 Nov 12
    B On Road 01 Nov 12
    C On Road 01 Nov 12
    D Maintenance 01 Nov 12
    A Damaged 02 Nov 12
    D On Road 03 Nov 12

    then the output would look like:

    Status 01 Nov 12 02 Nov 12 03 Nov 12
    On Road 3 2 3
    Damaged 0 1 1
    Maintenance 1 1 0

    I have attached this example in excel if this is easier

    Is anyone able to help me with this?
    Thank you very much in advance.
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