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    Cool Unanswered: SQL Joins

    I have a statement that does not make since. Im getting this from the architect for building a diagram.

    SELECT li.level_inent_desription FROM
    bt_data_3m_maintenance d3m
    JOIN xxxx.bt_rin_to_fin rtf ON rtf.rin = d3m.rin JOIN xxxx.bt_model m ON m.fin_key = rtf.fin_key JOIN xxxx.bt_level_indent li ON li.level_indent_key = m.l2_key;

    The first select statement data attribute is not even in the table. So the joins wont work. If they would this means to join on the right or at the end of the table for reference??
    Please advise.

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    >I’m getting this from the architect for building a diagram.
    consider asking the architect, since we know less than you know.
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