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    Unanswered: When passing two parameters???

    What is the equivalent to this simple select statement in DB2?

    SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE field1 = @param1 AND field2 = @param2

    I don't think two '?' will do it...

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    this is a valid statement in an application (?)
    it could also contain parameter markers as
    SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE field1 = ? AND field2 = ?
    or literals..
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    Thanks PRZYTULA GUY for responding back, but how can the (?) know which value of parameter is being pass?

    For an example, I created a web form using with a db2 database. I had to import the IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries classes to use some of the .Net functionality with DB2.

    When I pass two parameters in the following code:

    Public function Test(ByVal param1 As String, ByVal param2 As String)


    SELECT * FROM Table1 WHERE field1 = @param1 AND field2 = @param2
    The parameters are unique by name, but how would two '?' know which parameter is being pass?

    Do you see where I am confused?

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    Check the samples in the manual, e.g. this: Call different types of stored procedures from SpServer.vb
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