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    Unanswered: cannot drop connection in ASE repserver(15.0.2)

    I am trying to drop one of the old databases which has warm standby replication to standby. I stopped rep agent on primary and standby, dropped connection to standby, and tried to dropped it to primary, but getting the error message that database has some replication definitions.

    1> drop connection to pr_extapp01.dyna
    2> .
    Msg 15038, Level 12, State 0:
    Server 'pr_rep_extapp':
    Database 'pr_extapp01.dyna' is the primary for some replication definitions. Cannot drop connection to it.

    I dropped all definitions with primary at pr_extapp01.dyna, and now when I ran "rs_helprep", it does not show any definitions on that database. However, I am still unable to drop the connection, it still complains. Have you ever seen anything like this?

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    Try to reboot your server.

    After that drop the connection. You need to make sure there would not be any def and sub associated with it. Thanks,

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