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    Unanswered: Building MQTs --> deadlock

    Hallo everyone,

    I have 3 Tables:
    1. Table_01 --> fact table
    2. Table_02 --> fact table
    3. Table_03 --> dimension table

    Building of MQT_Table_01 and MQT_Table_02

    I have successfully built a MQT on Table_01. The computing of MQT on Table_01 involved Table_03. It means, in order to build Table_01, db2 needs to read Table_03. MQT for Table_02 needs also Table_03

    I recognize, if I paralelly build MQT_Table_01 and MQT_Table_02, db2 runs into deadlock. I thought, it might be because of the parallel read transactions in Table_03. But is it really the reason? I am thinking, if db2 just reads, it should be okay? There is no exclusive lock, isnt it?

    Thank you for the comments.


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    plz publish the screen shot of db2pd <dbname> -appl -trans -dynamic -locks showlocks
    When you paralelly build MQT_Table_01 and MQT_Table_02

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