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    Unanswered: Run query from event


    I have a form with two comboboxes. Each combobox is attached to a table for lookups. So I like to filter the contents in lookup table in combo2 dependent on the selection on the combo 1.

    The table connected to combo2 has 2 columns. I only show column 1 in combo. The other has attached a label with same as table for selection on combo 1.

    So I came up with this query:
    PHP Code:
    SELECT SubSystem.SubSystemSubSystem.MainSystem
    FROM SubSystem
    ORDER BY SubSystem.SubSystem
    This query is found under data, row source. It looks like it runs only once when I open the database form first time. I like this to run everytime I chenge a selection on combo 1.

    How to do this?


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    Place this in the After Update event of combo1
    Private Sub combo1_AfterUpdate()
    end sub

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